Contactless (QR Code) Ordering System for Restaurants

Order from your seat, stay on your feet: Contactless ordering for a safer dining experience.

Contactless ordering system

The contactless ordering system operates through the use of QR codes that customers can scan to access the restaurant’s digital menu. Customers can place orders and make payments using a mobile device; the whole process has zero human interaction. This can easily be integrated with your restaurant or cafe POS system.

This is also known as QR code-based ordering system.

Key benefits of using a contactless food ordering system.

How Foodship Contactless food ordering works

Foodship QR code ordering cycle can complete in 7 easy steps.

Payment Options

Foodship’s Contactless or QR code ordering system offers customers a range of payment options to choose from.

The customer has the option to continue ordering food and subsequently settle their bill using cash as a payment method.

Following the placement of their order through the QR code-based ordering system, the customer has the option to settle their bill via online payment mode eg: UPI, credit card, debit card.

Restaurants owners has the choice of prompting the customer to make a pre-paid or post-paid payment option.

With pin-based ordering system, the restaurant staff gives a 4-digit pin to each customer from POS system. This eliminates the need for customers to pay after every order, as all orders are added to the customer's table in the POS system, and payment can be made at the end of their visit. (Imp Notice: This feature is only available with Foodship POS system)

The Contactless Ordering System is accessible in three distinct modes.

Standalone System

Comes with an Order Receiving mobile App (ORA). The restaurant staff can receives all orders in the ORA, If required ORA orders can be integrated with restaurant printer.

With Online Food Ordering System

With an online food ordering system : All orders, whether made in person or online, are received in the same Order Receiving App (ORA). This integration allows the restaurant to manage all its orders in one place.

With Restaurant Billing System(POS)

All orders of the restaurant are received in the POS system. Orders are processed via POS system and can be integrated ith restaurant printer