Frequently Asked Questions

  • Subscription-based business model, we don’t charge any commission.
  • A dedicated team of professionals who work 24×7 to stand with you as a support system.
  • One-stop solution for all your worries/needs, we build, we host & we maintain your online food ordering portal at a little value of $60 + GST.
  • We are an Australian company that implies; we understand Australian business very well.
  • User-friendly design, zero learning curve for your restaurant staff, and customers.
  • Quick & easy to implement, take your business online within 48 hours of subscribing to Foodship.
  • Announce it on your social media handles to promote your online business efficiently.
  • Foodship helps you design parcel stickies, box topper, door stickers, which help you drive customers to your online ordering system. (Sample coming soon)
  • Foodship’s ordering system facilitates you to maintain the database of your customer’s contact details; this enables you to send special invitees for happy hours and discount coupons.
  • Advertise seasonal special on your website/app with an interactive food menu.
  • Promote your testimony and food reviews at Yelp.
  • For better cash flow, your customer pays you directly; We don’t control your payment.
  • Foodship’s online ordering system helps you retain your customers with integrated loyalty programs like auto discounts, free delivery, and free coupons.
  • Avoid miscommunication with your customer, thus improving your business efficiency.
  • Foodship’s online order booking system enhances the restaurant-customer relationship as it streamlines the entire food ordering process beginning from order placement to final delivery.
  • Can perform data analysis very conveniently and have better insight into customer table reservation/food ordering behavior.
  • Early mover advantage, only 2-3% of restaurants have deployed personal food ordering system, so stay ahead of your competitor and increase your profit margins.

By Branded App, we mean, a mobile application with your Brand name and logo for your customers using iPhone and Android phones. Any order placed by these apps will come directly to you. By Branded online ordering system we mean: Dedicated web ordering system with your Brand details and logo on it.

Yes, we need your credit card details to authenticate your account, but you will only be charged after three(3) months when the trial period is finished.

We charge you monthly for our service, of course only after your free trial is over and you wish to continue our service.

Yes, our service is genuinely free for three(3) months no restrictions, no limits.

Indeed, we encourage restaurants to use their own logo and pictures and business information.

To setup, your online ordering system, all we need is your Logo, Business Hours Details, Phone Number and Address. Once this is set up, we will provide your access to upload your menu and pricing etc.

Not really, since your ordering system is hosted on our secure cloud servers you and your customers can use it directly from there as a standalone service. If you want to, we can integrate it into your website.

Yes, if you want to connect the ordering system with your website. If you wish we can do it for you or provide you with all the information so your developer can integrate it for you.

You charge your customer directly from your ordering portal; we set up and guide you for the whole process and its relatively quick and simple.

We don’t hold your money, credit card company directly settle funds in your account; your payment doesn’t come through us; hence we don’t hold your money at all. 


Not necessarily, since there is an annual charge to maintain this account, we can publish your apps from our account for no cost. But if you wish, we are happy to help you publish the app from your account.

No, you don’t. You can change or update menu and specials yourself and its very simple, just like using your emails.