Why Free POS & Billing Solutions May Not Be Ideal for Restaurants

 In today’s fast-paced world, nearly all restaurant owners in India need a system that can smoothen their restaurant operations and help them manage their finances efficiently. Restaurant billing software also known as the Point of Sale (POS) system is one such tool, that can help restaurant owners to take advantage of their competitors, as profit margins are very less in the Indian hospitality industry. In this article, we will provide an in-depth view of restaurant billing software – Free Point of Sale (POS).


What is a Restaurant Billing Software aka POS?

A restaurant billing software simplifies a restaurant’s daily operations, it has various modules like order taking, inventory management, receipt printing, bill processing, and payment processing. This software can be cloud-based or installed as an application on an operating system. This is designed to help restaurant owners to automate their processes.
In the case of freely available restaurant billing software, it is the open-source version which means it is free to download and use. Free restaurant billing software provides all basic features but hardly gets any updates on the new module or fixes any bugs. As this is a basic version of software, it is easy to use but no support or training is provided for free Restaurant Billing Software


Main features of free point of sale (POS):

Billing and Payment Processing: Free POS provides an easy-to-use interface that allows restaurant owners to generate bills quickly and accurately. It supports multiple payment options like cash, credit/debit card, and mobile wallets.

Inventory Management: Free POS helps restaurant owners to manage their inventory in real-time. It allows them to track their inventory levels and provides alerts when the stock level goes below the reorder point.

Menu Management: Free POS allows restaurant owners to manage their menus easily. They can add or remove dishes from the menu and update the prices easily.

Employee Management: Free POS provides an employee management feature that allow restaurant owners to manage their employees’ schedules and payroll easily.


Benefits of using free restaurant billing software freely available in India

Cost-effective: Free restaurant billing software can be downloaded and used at no cost, which makes it a cost-effective option for individuals, businesses, and organizations.


Accessibility: Free restaurant billing software is often designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, this can be used by cloud kitchens, home kitchens, and small businesses.

Saves time and reduces errors: Restaurant billing software automates the billing process, which saves time and reduces errors. It also helps restaurant owners to manage their inventory and recipe cost, which helps them to reduce wastage and increase profits.

Improves efficiency: Free pos provides real-time data on inventory levels, recipe cost, and sales data, which helps restaurant owners to make informed decisions and improve efficiency.

Easy to use: Free point of sale (POS) systems offers a user-friendly interface that necessitates minimal training for users to operate them.

Easily available: The no-cost POS solutions for Windows operating systems are readily accessible
online and can be downloaded with ease.


There are several challenges associated with the restaurant billing software

No Support: No support is available for the free version of the restaurant billing software. This means that no support from the developer team or third party is available for any help, the user will be responsible for troubleshooting any issues that may arise. However, the paid version typically includes customer support and other benefits.

No Training: It’s worth noting that the free version of the restaurant billing software doesn’t include any type of training. Users are expected to learn the software on their own. In contrast, the paid version typically comes with training and support to help users get started.

No customization: If you choose to use the free version of the restaurant billing software, it’s important to note that no customization is provided. Users will have to work with the software as it is. However, the paid version typically offers customization options like REST API integration or customizing the software as per your needs, to better fit the specific needs of the restaurant.

Limited features: Free restaurant billing software may not offer as many features as paid software, the free version has basic features only, which can limit its functionality and usefulness.

Security risks: Free software may have security vulnerabilities or be more susceptible to malware and viruses, which can compromise the security of your system and data.

Unreliability: Free software may not be as reliable as no developer is responsible for full functionality , which can result in downtime, errors, or lost data.

Lack of updates: Free software may not receive updates or new features as frequently as paid software, which can cause it to become outdated and less effective over time.

Hidden Costs and Upselling: While free POS software may appear cost-effective upfront, it often comes with hidden costs. Providers may entice users with free versions but charge for additional features, integrations, or technical support.

No Cloud version: Nearly all freely available POS software is downloadable applications for Windows, lacking online access. This could potentially hinder the accessibility of the software and deprive managers or owners to get real-time data about restaurant business.



In conclusion, free restaurant billing software provides only basic features. Though it is cost-effective and helps restaurant owners to reduce their operational costs, but in the long run, free software is not a value for money for the restaurant business, even some of best known free POS have many lacunas. 

On the other hand, Indian-made Foodship –which is a top of the line restaurant billing software, offers more features and benefits such as cloud-based online access, customer support, training, customization, and regular updates with subscription fees of annual subscription of 6000 per year which comes at 500 per month. Foodship comes with an assurance that there is no malware thus ensures complete protection of your business data.

After comparing the free version of restaurant billing software with the paid subscription-based software Foodship, it is clear that the latter is a superior option. Therefore, investing in Foodship’s subscription-based software can help restaurant owners run operations business more efficiently and effectively, saving time and increasing profitability in the long run.

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