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Restaurant Billing System

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Order Management

Order management helps in restaurant operations by processing all types of orders, such as online, dine-in, walk-in/takeaway, and telephonic orders. Processing orders from a centralized location minimizes delays and errorsnic orders.

Menu Management

In a restaurant's point of sale system, menu management allows for easy changes to menu items, prices, and descriptions. It also lets you create special menus and promotions to make customers happy.

Payment Integration

Payment integration in a restaurant's point of sale system makes paying for meals easy by accepting various methods like credit cards and mobile payments. It speeds up transactions, makes them more accurate, and makes customers happy.

Inventory Management

Inventory management in a restaurant's point-of-sale system helps keep track of food and drink supplies. It sends notifications for items that are below the re-order point and helps the restaurant run smoother, ultimately increasing profitability.

Table Management

Table management in a restaurant's point-of-sale system makes it easier to handle tables: assigning them to customers, keeping track of their status, and ensuring they can be refilled for the next available customer. It makes customers happier by seating them faster.

Report and Analytics

Reports and analytics in a restaurant's point-of-sale system provide valuable information about daily sales and revenue. This helps restaurant owners make better decisions.

Staff Management

Employee management features help restaurant staffing by centralizing employee data, enabling efficient scheduling and staffing adjustments based on customer traffic. It includes creating profiles, scheduling, and tracking time and attendance for better management.

QR code-based ordering

This feature benefits guests by allowing them to scan QR codes, view menus, and place orders easily, without needing additional apps or direct contact with physical menus or waiters, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the need for extra manpower, resulting in cost savings for restaurants.

Online Order Integration

Foodship integrates its point-of-sale system with the online food ordering system, saving time for restaurant employees by consolidating both online and offline orders in one place. 

Run on any device

This enables staff to access the system from any device, providing flexibility for taking orders anywhere in the restaurant and enhancing customer service.


The cloud-based admin panel in a restaurant's point-of-sale system allows real-time monitoring of sales, inventory, and other data from anywhere, making management tasks simpler, providing more control and insight, and improving overall restaurant operations.

Printer Integration

Printer integration in point of sale system for restaurants allows for efficient printing of order tickets, receipts, and reports, reducing errors, enhancing communication between staff, and optimizing restaurant operations.

Calendar integration

Calendar integration in a restaurant's point-of-sale system allows for efficient scheduling of table reservations, events, and staff shifts, enhancing coordination, minimizing scheduling conflicts, and optimizing restaurant operations.

Role and Permission

Assigning roles and permissions in a restaurant's point-of-sale system ensures secure access to sensitive data, like sales reports and financial information, limiting access to authorized staff only. This safeguards data privacy and integrity, enhancing overall security measures.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management in a restaurant's point-of-sale system allows for tracking customer data, such as order history and preferences, enabling personalized experiences, targeted marketing campaigns, and improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Happy Hours

The happy hours discount feature in a restaurant's point-of-sale system enables offering special pricing during specific hours, boosting customer satisfaction and increasing sales during off-peak times.

Run POS on Multiple Screens

Running the POS on multiple screens in a restaurant's point-of-sale system enables efficient display of various functionalities, like order taking, kitchen display system, and payment processing, improving staff communication, minimizing errors, and organizing the overall restaurant business.

Bill Splits

Bill splitting in a restaurant's point-of-sale system enables easy and accurate division of bills among multiple customers, minimizing errors and disputes while enhancing the customer experience.

Online Ordering System

/ Year
  • Efficient pricing for effortless ordering - Get your own online ordering system.

Table Reservation System

The table reservation system in a restaurant's online ordering system enables customers to book tables easily, reducing wait times, providing convenience, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Gift Card System

The gift card system in a restaurant's online ordering system enables customers to buy and send digital gift cards, boosting revenue and fostering customer loyalty.

QR code/Contactless Order

QR code contactless table ordering in a restaurant's online ordering system lets customers scan a QR code on the table to view the menu, order, and pay for meals on their mobile devices, ensuring a smooth and safe ordering experience.

Loyalty program

A loyalty program in a restaurant's online ordering system improves customer loyalty, retaining more customers and encouraging repeat business, resulting in higher revenue and profitability for the restaurant.

Zero commission

Zero commission in online ordering system for restaurants allows restaurants to take orders and payments directly without incurring any third-party fees, reducing costs, increasing revenue.

Unlimited Order

This feature helps restaurants to accept unlimited online orders and process them without any commission.

Unlimited Menu items

The unlimited menu items feature enables easy and unlimited addition and management of menu items without restrictions, enhancing flexibility and providing better control.

Half and half pizza options

The unlimited half-and-half pizza options in a restaurant's online ordering system enable customers to customize their pizzas with different toppings on each half, providing flexibility for customers to choose different toppings on a single pizza.

Unlimited Combo Option

The unlimited combo options in a restaurant's online ordering system enable customers to order meals with multiple items at a discounted price,  increasing sales.

Free Website and Web Hosting

The free website and web hosting with multiple design options in a restaurant's online ordering system offer a profitable and convenient way for restaurants to create an online presence, strengthen their brand, and improve their marketing efforts, ultimately increasing revenue and expanding customer reach.

Easy menu upload

SMS notifications enable real-time order updates to be sent to customers, enhancing communication.

SMS Notification

SMS notification in online ordering system for restaurants allows for real-time notifications to be sent to customers regarding their orders, enhancing communication.

Special Discounts and Coupons

Rewarding your restaurant customers improves their loyalty with special discounts and coupon features. The restaurant can offer Auto Discounts, Happy Hours, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and Discount Codes.

No Contract

Foodship offers flexibility and simplicity, providing a cost-effective and convenient solution for managing online ordering and sales without any long-term commitment.

Online Ordering System

Integrating an online ordering system into an existing restaurant website offers a simple and cost-effective method to improve customer experience, boost revenue, and optimize restaurant operations, without the need to build a new website from scratch.

Order Receiving Application

The order receiving mobile app in a restaurant's online ordering system offers an efficient and convenient method for restaurant staff to receive and manage orders, enhancing accuracy, reducing wait times, and optimizing overall restaurant operations.

Effectively manage your restaurant operations, with no surprises.

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At Foodship, we prioritize a simple and clear pricing policy. Whether you are new or established brand in hospitality business, Foodship’s technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with restaurant operations of any scale.

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